Albert Daniel Rodi

11/30/1954 — 06/23/2013

Remembering my wonderful husband, Albert.  He was diagnosed with melanoma in 2011.  He did the year-long treatment of interferon. It caused him to have many blood transfusions and be in and out of the hospital, but he held on and made it through the year.

The second year he worked hard on getting stronger again. It took forever for him to get his strength back and feel like doing things with the kids and me. In June of 2013 he complained that his right leg was hurting and getting weak.  On a Sunday he couldn’t walk so I took him to the ER.  On the way into the ER he had a seizure.  The doctors did a CT scan and found four large tumors and many lesions on the right side of his brain.

Three weeks later, my dear husband passed away.

Andrea Rodi, wife

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