Betty Ann

08/15/1956 — 06/07/2009
I lost my best friend, my mother to this beast. My mother is and always has been the strongest person I have ever known. She fought this beast till the very end. She is the Rock in my life. Her memories are what keep me going. She brought so many great memories to every one that ever met her. I will ALWAYS keep her memories alive. I love you mommy and I miss you. Thank you for loving me. xoxox

Barbara Ann, daughter

Added on 3/1/11
My mother Betty Ann battled this horrible, painful disease, she fought so hard and did everything possible to survive this beast. My mother was my and always will be my best friend, she dedicated her life to her family, she did everything for me, my two brothers, her parents, her sister and all of her family. She never expected any credit for any of the wonderful things she did for us. It was just her personality to do for others before she did anything for herself. She always made me so happy. I always looked up to her, she is my mother, my mentor, my best friend, my rock, my everything. I can not express the love I have always had and will have for my mommy. She will forever be missed and loved by so many people. Everyone loved her, she was the life of any party…just her laugh and smile lit up a room. Just having her in my life gave me the best feeling in the world, I feel so blessed to call her my mother. Her laugh was contagious, Her positive attitude was contagious,

Everything she did…she did great. She always gave me the best advice, and she was never ever wrong. She was always right. Like they say “Mother knows best” and I am telling you she did. She was the most wonderful, loving, positive, inspiring, motivating, lovable, huggable, happy person that has ever come into my life, I am so proud to say that Betty Ann is my MOTHER. Rest in peace mommy. I will always love you and keep your memory alive. xoxoxxx

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