Bill Parenteau

December 25, 1969 — December 12, 2004

Bill was a fireman, very strong and brave and loved by all who met him. Bill first got melanoma in 1992. A wart on his knee was removed and was said to be stage II melanoma. 11 years later after many clean check-ups, his cancer returned to his lymph node in his groin. After a lymph node disection and 8 months on Interferon, the beast continued to grow. It spread to his liver, lungs and spine. Bio-chemotherapy was his next best choice. It was so rough, but he made it through two cycles, and the further spread of his cancer. He next traveled to PA monthly to participate in the BAY trial. After 4 visits we were excited to see the shrinking of his tumors in his liver and lungs. Vision problems soon told us that it spread even further. He had an MRI and was told he had 30 brain lesions. He went blind in one eye. Whole brain radiation was tried along with low dose Temodar. These also failed and he passed to the angels on December 12, 2004, 13 days before his 35th birthday. Rest in peace knowing I will do my best to spread the word of this awful beast.

Your loving and dedicated wife, Susan.

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