Billye Faye Penn

06/25/1955 — 10/06/2008

My mother was not only a wonderful mother, but she was an awesome daughter, wife, grandmother, sister, cousin, and friend too.  She was the type of person that always left an impression on others … you never forgot her!  She had a very loving spirit and loved to help others!

On the morning of October 6, 2008, my mother passed away due to melanoma.  She was initially diagnosed with melanoma in 2004.  She beat it!  However melanoma fiercely returned in 2008, and there was nothing that could be done.  Her body was too weak and tired to fight it the second time around.  She left her family and friends with a host of memories … she will forever be missed and loved!

Jennifer Carthron, daughter

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  1. My sister Faye was the wind beneath my wings. She was highly intelligent, funny, loving, and kind. We talked almost every day. After she finished college with her MBA she went right back to school for another degree. This act encouraged so many people in our family to seek a higher education.

    She was so phenomenal. A great mother, wife, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. She was my sister, also my best friend.
    I admire my sister because after learning of malignant melanoma she kept working, continued her hobby and love of decorating ceramics. She continued school seeking a second degree and even opened a ceramic business. She shined in whatever goal she sought and basically achieved them. Faye was a inspiration to all of us.
    I was so devastated when Faye told me she had cancer. The cancer she was diagnosed with was especially hard. As a RN and a former oncology nurse I knew instantly what she was dealing with.
    Faye was brave and managed to keep everyone at ease. She even refused to quit her job. After passing out at work she wasn’t able to return to work. After working her entire life, this was hard on her. Knowing she didn’t have long (3years) she made a scrapbook so her little grandkids could get to know her better. She was such a caring person and I miss her so much.
    For years it was extremely difficult to even think about her. Now, 13 years later I think of her and remember and cherish our unique precious childhood. We promised each other we would never part. We didn’t, she lives through her daughter and son, grandchildren.
    I love you Faye and I will never forget you. Your love encouraged me to move on and continue living. Thank you Faye for being my dear sweet sister.

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