Brian Howard Loughman

05/09/1986 — 09/03/2010

Brian had recently graduated from UCI and was working in his first job when he was diagnosed December 10, 2009.  He had a short-term insurance policy to cover him before his employer’s insurance kicked in, but since it was purchased so close in time to his diagnosis, the insurance company wouldn’t honor it.   They kept looking for “pre-existing,” which thanks to Pres. Obama, is now illegal.  Dr. Stephen O’Day in Los Angeles had the courage to take Brian when other Orange County melanoma specialists would not.

It was a very scary time.  Thanks to Dr. O’Day, we got 9 months to prepare for Brian’s departure.  I am grateful for every one of those days!

Bridget Callanan, mother



Brian had just graduated from UCI in engineering and a few weeks into a new job when he got his diagnosis Dec. 10, Stage IV.  Brian fought with everything he had, but we lost him 9 months later.  There was never a point of origin discovered and he was beautiful.

Thank God to all the medical people who helped our family,  those continuing the fight, and especially those looking for a cure.  Blessings to all who are fighting today to find a cure.

Bridg Callanan, mom

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