Carol Ann Fraley

11/06/1956 — 11/04/2010

In May of 2009, my mother was diagnosed with melanoma. She found it on her left hip. It was biopsied and we were told it was Stage III.

If we would have known and the one doctor would have strongly suggested the sentinel node biopsy, my mom may still be with us a little longer than she was.

In February 2010, she was having stomach pains and went to her family doctor who sent her to the emergency room thinking it was appendicitis only to find out it was cancer.

She and I researched quite a bit on the internet and found many different clinical trials that we took to the Oncologist. We ended up going to TN where we met the most amazing doctor who extended her life. I will be forever grateful to Tennessee Oncology and Dr. Infante and his wonderful staff. The first cycle showed a 40% decrease in tumor size. After the second cycle there were two new tumors on her liver and she had to be taken off the inhibitor. A month to the day that she had to be taken off the drug she found out it had spread to her brain and it went quickly downhill from there.

I lost my Mother and bestfriend on November 4, 2010. She is my hero!

April, Daughter

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