Christopher (Chris) Russell

03/23/1966 — 03/11/2014

Chris had a mole 12 years ago. They cut it out and said he was clear, and every 3 months he went and had his moles checked. No more cancer. Then in Nov 2012, the nightmare began. He had a pain in his back, and tests showed it was melanoma Stage IV to the bone. He went through 15 months of horrible bio-chemotherapy and medication chemotherapy treatments to try to beat this disease but to no avail.

It was so hard to be a part of that and watch a perfectly healthy person be taken down by this miserable monster. He had so much courage and wanted to live so bad for his children and his beautiful wife. This man was bigger than life, as showed by the over 400 people who attended his funeral. He was only 50. I hate cancer, and because this just happened, I cannot be positive about any of it.

Jeanne Garner, sister

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