Deborah Jean Otis Davis

08/28/1954 — 07/17/2010

You weren’t only my mother, you were my best friend, my world. You were born an angel to bring love and joy to those around you. You were brought here to help and guide us. My heart hurts without you and I feel lost, but I can see you weren’t meant to stay.

My Mother, My Friend…
The person that I call my mom is not like any other. She has wisdom of her years and earned the title “Mother.” I trust her with my secrets, my questions, and my concerns. She helps me find the answers, from her I always learn. My mom is who I turn to when days from blue turn gray. She always has a gentle touch and knows just what to say. We spend a day together whether shopping or a walk, the most important part of it is just the time we talk.

Shannon, daughter

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