Deigh A. Hockett

05/23/1973 — 11/12/1995

We were on the way to Durham NC to take Deigh to grad school when she had a seizure. She was immediately taken to hospital where wait was hours. We brought her home and the next day she and I went to Neurologists. From there we were immediately sent to have a MRI. From there straight to the hospital where she spent 9 weeks off and on. We did radiation to make the tumor causing seizures smaller. She had tumors on her brain, left lung, right flank (origination) and small intestine. We brought her home on a Thursday to die with her family.

She died on a Sunday; 11 weeks exactly after the seizure. She was loved and still is loved by name. She touched many people and was unselfish. She did for others without telling others what she had done. She did not live in vain. I miss her so much even though it’s been 14 years. It still hurts. I’ve lost half of me. Please find a cure for cancer.

Leigh, Identical Twin Sister

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