Dennis Dean Kinsman II

11/28/1967 — 12/22/2011

Dennis had a spot on his left arm, but with no insurance at the time, he did not have it looked at. By the time he got insurance, it had gone into his lymph nodes under his arm. This started in late February. He had surgery on March 28th. Then he went through daily interferon treatments for a month and then two injections three times a week at home. This made him very sick, and evenually the doctor realized it wasn’t doing any good anyway. Then in October it had metastasized to his brain. He had four tumors, and one was bleeding. He had really bad headaches; that’s when he discovered the tumors. He was an amazing young man with a family that is feeling very lost. He was loved by so many people, I had no idea until we were at the funeral home. It was very touching to know how many people cared about my son. I don’t know how I can go on from here, I love and miss him so much……..I don’t know how to manage the pain!

Patricia Wyatt, mother

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