Don Britschgi

01/05/1939 — 02/14/2013

My father died on St. Valentine’s Day (02-14-2013). He had a big heart, so I guess it’s fitting. He was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma in June 2012. He fought the battle but lost the war. It started in his lungs. He went on chemo infusions and even recently Temador and radiation; however, the cancer overtook his body. He spent his last 4 weeks in the hospital.

My dad was a golf pro in the days when sunscreen was unheard of. This AIM website helped me tremendously to understand this horrible disease, and I have changed my own life as a result. Our families’ hearts are all a little broken, not just for our loss but for all that are memorialized here and the caregivers that do it all ( my mom … a hero).

Maybe now Dad you are back swinging the golf club like you used to … a beautiful swing. Much love, Dad.

Dina Britschgi-Danahy, daughter

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