Faron Morgan Sr.

03/22/1957 — 08/04/2012

Faron was from Tidewater area of Virginia and spent a lot of time in his younger years in the sun.  His back had all kinds of sun spots.  In 2006, one of the spots on his shoulder began to look different so he went to the dermatologist and then to the surgeon who removed it. The biopsy was malignant, but the surgeon said he got everything and there was not any cancer in the lymph nodes so we were worry free unless any other spots changed.

In October 2011 he began not feeling well, and our doctor said he thought Faron was showing signs of nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.  The earliest he could be seen by the gastroenterologist was January 13.  In December, Faron began being extremely tired, weak, and nauseous.  On the 13th, he put in for FMLA until he could be seen in January.

On December 17th, our youngest daughter graduated from college.  Faron complained of a headache.  On the 19th, I came home from work and begged him to go to the emergency room.  I had asked before as well, but since he is a nurse, he wouldn’t do it; he said he would just wait until January.  On the 19th of December, he went, and his doctor and nurse co-worker came in the room after doing a CT scan for the headache to tell us he had multiple lesions on his brain.  He was admitted, and we did all kinds of tests, got released to be home for Christmas, and had the largest tumor removed on December 30th.

After that, Faron went through gamma knife, whole brain radiation, and two chemo agents.  One had to be discontinued in May due to how sick it was making him.  In June, three tumors had gotten bigger.  A month later in July on the 23rd, he had over 15 tumors in his brain.  On July 27th he went on hospice care.  On August 4th his fight ended.  He did not complain and was optimistic until the end.

I take comfort in knowing he is no longer hurting, but I miss him every second of every day.

Barbara Morgan, wife

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