Gary Rickard – 12/18/2018

My dad was my hero, my best friend ,my running buddy and my go to person anytime I needed to talk or to just sit with him to find comfort.
My dad had a great sense of humor and everyone loved him.
I lost a big part of me when I lost him.
I watched my dad go from being on the go and pretty healthy. He had more energy than I had.
He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2016.He did well and got past that and then in May 2018 he was diagnosed with melanoma. He had surgery the first of June and from that point on he went downhill fast. I watched him change from the strong man I knew into a very sick bedridden man.
We had our special talks and I didnt leave his side until he passed and they came and picked him up.
He is now my angel and I know in my heart we will see each other again.I miss my dad so much..I think about him everyday.
Till we meet again, I love you Dad !

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