Gerry Jordan

03/07/1948 — 09/27/2014

My dad found a growth on his back in July 2013. It was removed ASAP! A scan in September showed cancer cells in his lymph nodes. They were removed on September 20, 2013. He had another scan on September 27, and we found out on October 1 that the results showed he was cancer free!

Fast forward to a future scan in 2014, where we learned his cancer was back and it was spreading. Dad had great doctors here in Charlotte, and they worked with him in order to keep the cancer from spreading more aggressively. Radiation, bio-therapy, and months and months of prayers were no match.

Dad was put in the hospital due to dehydration, and his kidneys were failing. They were able to get him regulated and back home within days – just to have him go right back a day later because his pain was unbearable. The doctors did another scan, and it spread so much that it was time to start making my dad comfortable.

It is so surreal to think about how fast it all happened at the end. He was put in the hospice house because it was difficult for my mom to take care of him on her own (she is currently battling ALS). We were by his side when he slipped from this world. I am grateful that my dad is not in pain anymore.

Daddy – I love you! You were so strong throughout all of this, and your main focus was always Mom. We will take care of her, and we are working hard to raise money for her ALS clinic! She is in good hands – they gave her all of these tools and exercises she could use to help her stay strong. She is the strongest women I know!

We miss you …

Katie Jordan, daughter

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