Jaclyn Renee Lockard-Dale

04/11/1955 — 03/07/1991

My mother passed away just before my 3rd birthday so, unfortunately, I don’t have my own memories of her, but I cherish the ones that my family has shared with me.

From all of the stories about her, I know that she was a great woman and an amazing mother to myself, my sister, and my brother. I wish I could have gotten to know her myself and that I could picture her face without it having to be from a photo. I wish I knew simple things like her favorite color or her favorite food. I wish she could have been there to watch me grow up and to teach me the things a mother should teach her daughter. And quite frankly, I wish she were there for me to call for tampon runs instead of my dad having to do it! (thanks again, dad!) hehe.

After 20 years of my mother being gone, I still cry over having not known her. But my absolute favorite thing is knowing that I am told I can look in the mirror and see her image. I love that I look just like her!

I will always miss you, mom. And I can’t wait to meet you in the Kingdom of Heaven! I will love you forever.

Kierstin, daughter

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