Jason Farley

02/04/1983 – 01/28/2014

Jay was very loving, kind, generous and always happy. His passion was to try to make others happy ! He loved life ! His hobbies were fishing and playing Texas Holdem with his friends.
In Nov. 2009 at the age of 26, Jay discovered a mole on his scalp just above his left ear. We immediately had an appointment with his doctor to examine this mole. He referred us to a skin cancer/plastic surgeon to have this mole removed and biopsied. A few weeks later we received a call saying it was a Superficial A Typical Mole. Not knowing anything about these types of moles or melanoma, we had requested a Melanoma Specialist at Beth Isreal in Boston take a look at the slides and examine Jay. Both doctors agreed on doing a PET Scan, CT Scan and a wider excision on the area where the mole was. All came back clear ! Jay was just required to be examined yearly.
Early March of 2013 Jay suffered a massive seizure and was taken to the hospital wherea CT Scan revealed 12 inoperable tumors on his brain. At this time he was sent to Mass.General in Boston. More tests revealed a tumor on his lung and a biopsy was done. Pathology results were Stage IV Metastatic Malignant Melanoma and he was given just four months to live. Never did we think that this mole would come back and give us this devastating diagnoses.
Jay immediately began whole brain radiation and several treatments including Zelboaf and then the Mek/Tafinlar Combo but both treatments did not work. Jay passed away after a hard fought battle on Jan.28,2014 at the age of 30.


Jay’s doctors attributed his melanoma digognosis to his tanning bed use that began at the age of 16 1/2.
Jay would tell you, Don’t Tan! It’s not worth it!
We Love You Jay and Miss You Terribly!

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