Jeffrey Hepplewhite

09/30/1945 – 07/11/2009

My dearest uncle Jeff had many master degrees as a horticulturest. He not only was book smart, he was everything smart.He was so cultured in art, music and the threater. He always knew any questions I asked.His true love was being outside working with all types of plants and flowers. He lived and breathed flowers and plants. He also was one of the best floral designers in the area. He was the hardest working man I have ever known. He worked with many florists, green houses and lastly he worked on an estate. His other love was animals. He had and showed such affection for his beloved pets.He treated them like a family member.And most of all, he was in touch to his relgion. He was a true baptist and always put his God and church first.And his faith had him at peace. My Uncle Jeff was and will always be the BEST uncle anyone could ask for. We understood each other and was always there for each other.He never judged anyone and always got to know you for you. He didnt have a mean bone in his body. To know him was to love him.He touched everyone he knew and he met. He always made a lasting impression. He was taken too early from us but then again if he knew God needed a angel, then he would go with no hesitations. Thats how unselfish my uncle was. I love you unle jeff. You were and always will be my best friend. You wil never be forgotten but rather remembered in all the hearts you touched. love you more,

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