Jesus Diaz

03/07/1981 — 06/07/2012

My brother was my everything. Not only was he my brother, he was also a father figure in my life. We were 9 years apart; however, we were extremely close siblings. He was the person I would go to when I was happy and wanted to share some good news with. He was the person I would go running to when I was upset or mad because he always knew just the perfect thing to say. He was the person I always went to for EVERYTHING because he always had a way to make things right.

In April 2012, I received a call from my brother saying he was not feeling well so he was in the emergency room. I dropped everything that I was doing to join him. At first the doctors thought it was an infection, only to find out days later that it was Stage IV metastatic melanoma in his liver, lungs, and kidneys. I spoke to my brother’s oncologist privately because my main question was if my brother was going to live. The doctor told me that he was not, and the chance was very slim because the cancer was so advanced at that point. I kept this to myself. I did not even tell my mother. I spent every single minute and day with my brother no matter what because I knew he did not have much longer to live. My brother Jesus passed away not even 2 months later in June. He was in the hospital with all sorts of machines hooked up to him. He passed away holding my right hand with his left hand. It was the most painful thing I can ever experience and go through.

I learned that life is too short to spend moments upset or getting mad over the little things. One thing my brother has always taught me is to live life to the fullest because you never know what may happen. He also taught me that I can do what I want to do in life as long as I work hard and keep myself determined and motivated. Most importantly, always go and check yourself at the doctors no matter how minor it may be because you just never know.

Emme Diaz, sister

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