Jimmy Wright

12/30/1972 – 10/16/2014

My dad was undoubtedly the best human being I’ve ever known.  He was kind, gentle, hilarious, loving, but also knew how to give some tough love when it was called for.  He was always there for everyone, just as they were his own kids.  He was the best football coach to many young men, and I know for a fact that he shaped many of their lives.  He was extremely well respected in the small southern town that we live in.  He was an amazing dad.  I am so thankful for the fourteen years that God blessed me to have with him.  I may never have my daddy at my graduation, my wedding, or see his own grandchildren.  However, I know for a fact that he will be right by my side (in angel form of course) walking down the aisle with me.  I know he will be screaming and hollering above for me when I receive my high school diploma and then my college degree.  Thank you so much for being the best dad ever.  I love you daddy.  Forever and always you will be in my heart.

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