John R. Abbott

Anytime is a good time to be goofy.

03/30/1961 – 07/11/2015

John was diagnosed with stage II melanoma on his back in 2007. After having it removed he remained in remission until 2014. At that point he was diagnosed stage IV with 10 brain tumors, bone tumors in his ribs and vertebrae, liver was expanded due to numerous tumors, and various other areas internally. He was beddridden due to tumors pressing on motor function areas in brain. oncologist gave him 4 weeks to live at diagnosis. He proved stronger than melanoma and to the surprise of doctors lived longer. With the help of radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and home care he lived 11 months.

John lived a life always helping others. A handyman and humanitarian he touched the hearts of all he met. As a triathlete and distance runner he ran for many causes. His joy in life was always being with his daughter.
It stole the best of us, but it couldn’t take your spirit. I’ll keep fighting for you forever, my love.

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