Ken Barry Dyches

12/12/1938 — 12/29/2010

Barry always endured minor skin cancer during his adult life. Most of these events were treated by a dermatologist. Approximately 3 years ago he returned to good health from having prostate cancer surgery. Though, the time was difficult, and being a fighter, he soon returned to work and progressed well not missing a day of work.

After two years of no cancer, he developed a tumor on the side of his head and neck. The neck surgery included the removal of two lymph nodes for safety. These outpatient surgeries were not of much concern by the medical staff.

A year later, he developed a tumor that was melanoma type on his arm, and required a skin graft from his hip. He was informed all of the “monster” was removed and no evidence it had spread to any other organ. Another year passed, and no symptoms of cancer were identified during his check ups.

However, on September 3, 2010, Barry was taken by me to Mammoth Mountains, CA Emergency Room because of symptoms indicating a minor stroke. From there he was flown to Renown Medical Center in Reno, NV. The neurology staff informed Barry he did not have a stroke, but had five brain tumors. They spread to the brain somewhere from a undetermined primary source. On our return home, we immediately went to the UCLA Oncology Department, where their findings were confirmed.

He fought ever so diligently against this secretive and recluse “monster”. The “monster” comes at night or day when least expected, but Barry was a fighter. He knew how to fight a “monster” after spending two terms in Vietnam as a Navy Lt. Commander.

He was in Stage IV of Melanoma from the start. It dictated every move we made from September 3, 2010. I remained with him 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. We shared some wonderful lasting moments before the violent pain started.

Barry was my devoted and loving soul mate of 38 years. Barry lost the battle to this “monster” on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 8pm as I, our loving lifetime friend Pam W. and the nursing staff at Windsor Gardens of Los Angeles surrounded him with love and admiration.

Barry was a caring and loving person. He was excellent at his work as a Hospital Administrator (both acute care and psychiatric) in his earlier career days, and now Vice President of Risk Management for SnF, a nursing home corporation. He enjoyed tennis for many years, loved NASCAR and watching the Clemson Tigers (he was a graduate of Clemson University), and loved to travel with his family in there motor home.

My heart is broken permanently, but I am committed to not let this happen to so many more. Please help us stop this wrenched “monster” with your support to AIM at Melanoma.

Barry passed leaving a loving and devoted soul mate partner of 38 years, a son, a most caring and loving brother, a 95 year old mother, three nieces, one living aunt, and a world of health care professionals at SnF who absolutely loved him dearly.

Good by my darling; I love you and will forever miss you. You fought a tremendous battle, and are an inspiration to all. Thank you for choosing me as your life soul mate.

Donald, your Sport

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