Michael Clark Schwink

8/27/1985 — 6/14/2009

Michael was 22 years old when he found out he had melanoma cancer. He fought for his life for 18 months when his fragile thin body gave out on June 14, 2009.

Michael was starting his new life with becoming a firefighter and he was able to marry the love of his life but it was taken to short for them to enjoy.

Michael had a heart of gold and never let anything or any one hurt others. He looked out for the people who he thought needed his help and he was always there whenever someone needed him no matter what time of the day or night.

Michael had a smile for every one around and made people laugh even when they were down. He made people laugh even on his worse days of not feeling well. His last day with us, he still had his family and friends laughing.

He taught us not to take things for granted and make the best of what we have no matter what. His famous saying that stayed with all of us was “LIFES A GAMBLE” and we all know now what that means more then anything in this world.

Michael showed us what a real hero was when he started his treaments. He never complained and he took whatever the doctors wanted to try on him.

MICHAEL CLARK SCHWINK WILL ALWAYS BE A HERO TO US and he is missed so much by so many….

Patricia Schwink ~ Michael’s Mom Forever

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