Michael Cox – 11/01/2018

11/12/1969 – 11/01/2018

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.”

My son bravely fought metastatic melanoma.

Our loss is heaven’s gain. Michael tried with everything he had to beat this beast, he was a true fighter. No matter what was thrown at him he remained positive. The doctors tried clinical trials; the first resulted in a rash all over his body, the second, left him temporarily blind. Then he moved on and tried Yervoy. He again had bad reactions and had to come off the treatment. Then he had to have Gamma Knife to remove tumor from his brain. Finally, they tried Keytruda, yet again with unsuccessful results. During this time he had 3 bowel resections, the last of which almost killed him, but he continued to fight, and rarely complained.

It was a long and difficult journey. One he faced with great courage and a very strong attitude.

He is greatly missed by his family and loved ones, but we know he is no longer suffering from the great pain.

Michael you are loved and so greatly missed every day!

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