Monty Warren

06/18/1965 – 03/02/2018

Monty, my husband had incredibly beautiful blue eyes, a gigantic smile and a calm easy nature.

He had a mole biopsied in 2009 which was found to be benign but in 2014 that mole started changing and growing. Although we had a feeling it was cancer, we waited- we had no idea how bad skin cancer could be. He was diagnosed with melanoma in March 2015. Although we knew it was Stage IV and terminal, he never let it get to him. He fought the first 2 years while working and undergoing treatment. The last year he was unable to work and the treatment was rough but he continued to fight with his calm easy going nature. Friends and family never knew the internal battle that he kept hid behind his smile and confidence. He ultimately lost his battle after a good 3 year fight. I feel extremely lucky to have the wonderful staff at MD Anderson on our side as he battled and I am forever grateful for their care. His attitude was contagious and inspirational to us all.

He is always in my heart and will be missed forever.

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