Norris Pelham

June 19, 1938 — November 24, 2007

My Love, I miss you so much. You were the rock in my life — the wise one who looked at all the angles before making decisions. As I go through each day, I make decisions based on what my heart tells me, as that is where you now live and through which you guide me. Your wonderful smile, wit and patriotism are remembered by all. And, I am reminded by all of how much you loved me. I am thankful you are with our Heavenly Father and your body is now whole. No more treatments/pills/disappointments. My heart still aches for your embrace and kisses, but your love is now within my heart. I love you as much now as I did for the 44 years we had together on earth. I know you can see my continued love for you through the energy I have put into beautifying the flower garden and ‘your pride and joy’ lawn. You taught me well, my darling.

With all my love, Lou

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