Robert (Robb) Scott Gardner

07/03/1964 — 10/06/2011

My partner Robb Gardner, age 47, found out May 24, 2011, that he had Stage IV melanoma. WOW!! We were both stupid. We thought that the litte mark on his face would simply be removed, and he would have to be checked every 3-6 months. Well, it was a real BIG KICK IN THE ASS when we found out that melanoma was not as simple as we thought it to be. After many test like MRIs, CAT scans, and PET scans, we found out that his melanoma was coming from within and that it was in his brain, lungs, and liver. AGAIN..WOW!

We still had hope and faith. We went up to Tampa to the Moffitt Institute, and the best they could tell us is that there is no cure but a treatment that would slow down the progress of the melanoma. I became FREAKING insane thinking WTF? We live in a world where we can send men and women into space but there is no cure for melanoma. What is this black widow, and how can it not discriminate or show any mercy? I decide at that moment that if there was nothing I could do to save the Love of my Life, the least I could do is help raise awareness. We did not know how long my Robb had to live nor what plans God had for him. He is just a regular man, beautiful, brilliant, and funny, and he loved me deeply. He is my HERO!! I have seen amazing strength and bravery in him.

My best friend and partner of 10 years, Robb Gardner died October 6, 2011. He was the sparkle in my eye and the reason my heart beat. His Light surrounds me, His Love enfolds me, His Power protects me, His Presence watches over me. Wherever I am, he is!! RIP my Love..I will be with you forever in the Light!

I fight on behalf of Robb and pray for all those effected by this horrible illness. You are not alone!!

Sebastian Caltabiano, life partner

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