Ron Turner

06/20/1967 — 03/23/2010

Ron put up one heck of a fight against this terrible disease! He was diagnosed and began treatment too late. By the time he began treatments at the Moffitt Cancer Center, his melanoma had spread from a small bump under his bottom lip to his brain stem.

The biochemotherapy treatments destroyed the cancer in his face, but did not work on the tumor in his brain. After 4 rounds of treatment, the tumor began to bleed and basically shut his body down.

He fought hard for 8 months with this disease, but his body just couldn’t hold on any longer.

He was a wonderful, loving man. He has 3 sons and 1 daughter and many loved ones. He served this country in the military during Desert Storm, in the National Guard, and in Korea. He is terribly missed!

I love you, Ron! We all love and miss you! You will always live on in my heart! xoxo

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