Sean Anthony Cole

09/09/1986 — 02/22/2012

Sean was first diagnosed in 2008 when a birthmark on his lower back started to cause him pain and change colors and he went to the doctor to get it checked out. He had the birthmark and a few moles removed and was told he was good to go.

At the end of 2011 he went in for stomach and back pain and found out after several tests that the melanoma was back and with force this time. The melanoma was so aggressive that he had a tumor on his spine and brain, and it had spread inside his body.

Sean was a fighter and did all he could to fight his terminal diagnosis. Even through all the pain and fear, he managed to keep his sense of humor and was always more worried about his family and friends than himself. I had the privilege of spending his last couple weeks with him, and I will always cherish our times together.

We lost our friend on 02/22/12 at only a short 25 years old. We love and miss him greatly, he touched so many lives in his short time on this earth. This disease is horrible, and I hope a cure is on the horizon. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has lost someone or is battling this relentless disease.

Nicole Key, friend

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