Tilden Hamilton "Ham" Bunge

04/04/1969 – 01/29/2020

Ham was a rare and exceptional human being. That sounds cliche but he truly was. Periodically I think back about what an Angel he was in all of our lives.
He was loved by everyone he met because of his warm, welcoming, curious, non-judgmental vibe.
Women say that he “gave them hope” for the male species! ha ha.
He was the most kind, thoughtful, selfless, loving, even tempered, jolly, philosophical, loyal, open hearted, faithful, honest, honorable man I have ever known.
He was interesting and interested. He was a man of the highest morals and values. He was a peacekeeper.
He inspired me to achieve great things. He made me feel safe. He elevated my consciousness.
He was an amazing partner and treated me like a queen, everyday. He brought me in bed in the morning: cappuccino in an elegant china cup and saucer, with a rose in a mini vase and a small crystal bowl of fresh berries. Every weekday. And he wrote beautiful poetry. He enjoyed reading books and playing online brain games.
He was an American ex pat who grew up in Switzerland, was a top student (despite a challenge with low vision), and became an Eagle Scout. He spoke French fluently and some German and Spanish. Together we enjoyed nearly 10 blissful years traveling the globe and curating a beautiful, elegant life together in our Manhattan apartment. We often said to each other how miraculous it was that we never ever fought, laughed daily and we deeply respected one another. Life together with Ham was so easy.
He enhanced my life in so many ways … He loved adventure. He enjoyed trying new experiences: from learning about the newest modern art at MoMA or Art Basel, classical & modern architecture, international music, comedy, biking distances, running marathons, summiting mountains and exploring NYC’s downtown grit as well as uptown elegance. He enjoyed good food & drink. He had excellent table manners and wrote treasured handwritten thank you notes. He was happy dressed casually or formally but was most enthusiastic in costume and on the dance floor. His signature karaoke song was “Wild Thing” and he often made up his own lyrics. My family & friends adored Hammy. We treasure his wonderful extended family and friends – from all over the world. Best of the Best.
On his last days – he said to me “Thank you for the best 10 years of my life” and “Annie, this is not how the movie ends” …
I thank God for a wonderful life experience together and will move forward through life with him in my heart forever.

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