Vicki S. Mosier

4/2/1954 — 4/17/2009

My Mom passed away on April 17th from melanoma!

This by far is the hardest thing our family has ever faced!  She was diagnosed in May 2008 & had 5 surgeries & went threw 3 rounds of intense chemo treatments within a 10 month time frame!

She never complained once.  She didn’t want us to worry about her!  She was the one telling us she was going to be fine “it’s just a bump in the road.”  She was/is the most amazing, selfless, faith filled woman I have ever known!  The ROCK of our family…my Best Friend!  She left behind a Legacy that will live on forever through her family!  I could go on & on about her!

We wanted to honor our Mom, Our Best Friend, The Best Mamaw, The Best Wife, The Best Christian, The Best Sister, Aunt & Friend you could ever ask for!!!

My Mamaw wasn’t just an ordinary person.  She was very faithful & took charge of what she stood for.  She was the person you could tell anything & everything to, that one person you could always rely on.  She’d change your life with just one smile.  She was the light in the dark and the shine in the sun. the one to be known to have the best time.  She gave me the best memories of my life.  We’d laugh till we cried, stay up til sunrise & do it all over again.  She taught me many things in life but one thing that she was to me was my Hero.  So I’m going to be the Hero she put in me.

Shianne Susanne McElfresh


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