Survivor Stories

Kimberli – May 2010

Hi, my name is Kimberli. I am a mother of 2 and a grammy of two who are my world! I am now 40 years young.

In 1999, I was at a friend’s house when I noticed a little raised bump the size of a pencil tip. It was real shiny, but it itched, and it was the same color as my skin. I went on with my life – working and raising my children.

Approximately a year later, it was the size of the end of my pinky finger, still itched like crazy, but it looked just like a wart – white and scaly. It seemed to be a wart so I used a wart remover that didn’t work.

I continued on and in 2001 my Boss told me to leave and get it checked out. Not having insurance, I went to the ER. They looked at me like I was crazy – in there over something so small. I felt kinda silly, too, to go to the ER with what I thought was a wart.

So, the doctor immediately told me it looked to be of no concern but since I was there and it was bothersome to me he would quickly remove it and I would be on my way. Back to my life I went.

Then, 10 days later, I get a call that I need to come in. Hmm, I was puzzled. Cancer was like not even a thought in my mind. I go and they tell me what they removed was Melanoma. Melanoma, I said, what is that ? They tell me it’s skin Cancer. Ok, so you took it off. So, now I don’t have it, right? Well, he said, everything we took off was cancer and we need a clean margin so they removed more… and it, again, was all full of Melanoma cells. And, again, until they finally got clean margins. But, the depth of the Melanoma cells was a concern to him and I needed further treatment to make sure it had not spread.

So, on with the Lymph Node study. They removed one and froze it in the surgery room. They didn’t find any cancer cells. I was so relieved until I get a phone call saying pathology found Melanoma in it. So, back I go. They take 33 out of my groin area and all were cancer free.

I did 11 months of Interferon – 7 days a week. I was deathly ill from the toxins. During my 11 month they had to take me off of it because the toxins were too much for my body to handle any longer.

We are now in 2010. WHAT? No more cancer. I do, however, live with the fear of it returning. I still don’t feel good and have not returned to work. I feel I was zapped of all my energy. I want what I had back and that was… a productive working Life.

One thing I feel that it’s important to know about Melanoma is… it’s not always red or black. Mine looked nothing like any Melanoma picture I have ever seen. It looked just like a wart. So, don’t think it has to be red, black or dark-colored to be Melanoma.

God bless all who have had to deal with this Beast and to those who continue to fight it . I’m on your side. I pray for you everyday.