Travis Holloway

01/31/1951 – 10/20/2014 This disease took you away from us way too soon!  We are trying to move forward one day at a time as you’ve always told us.  Your fight was a tough one but you fought it well and with all you had to give!  We miss you more than we can be […]

Michael Mackzum – March 1993

I had a lesion removed on my back in 1993.  In 2012 I discovered a lump under in my underarm chest area.  It was melanoma.  I had lymph nodes removed, Interferon Alpha and radiation.  I have a lesion inside my heart [left ventricle] and several in my lungs. I had YERVOY and now I am […]

Tiffany Mann – November 2013

My insurance was going to be coming to an end so I decided to go in for a routine skin check up.  The doctor told me that nothing look too out of the ordinary, but I told him to biopsy the one on my back anyway.  One week later I received a phone call from […]

Dave Bradford – February 2015

I started with a black spot on my left shoulder that starting bleeding. On December 31 (new years eve) 2008 the dermatologist called to tell me it was melanoma.  Since that time, 2008 to 2013, I have had four surgeries and was told in June 2014 that I was stage 4.  At my next doctor’s […]

Louanne Mitchell – February 2015

In January 2013 I discovered a “bump” on my upper right thigh.  I asked my PC what she thought it was and she said it was a fat pocket and to leave it alone.  In April, I went to a dermatologist to have skin tags removed from my neck area and since you have to […]