Gwen Dunham

02/20/1946 — 06/07/2008

Mom had a mole removed in 2002 that came back as melanoma. She went for check-ups faithfully with her doctors from that point on. She had no problems for years and was very careful about the sun exposure and her health.

In Sept/Oct. 2007, she began to have stomach/back pain. We were thinking it was gallbladder related. After an ultrasound, a mass was found in her stomach area, a biopsy was completed and sent to MAYO and came back incomplete/dead cells. ???? Makes you wonder … the doctors were now suspcious of some form of lymphoma … a history that I have myself. I am thinking, we can beat this!!

After lengthly discussions with the doctors, we were headed to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis for treatment of melanoma. Mom’s situation was unique.  The doctor could not perform surgery to remove the cancer, as the cancer was wrapped like a donut around the vessels. Mom began chemo treatments 12/31/07, then we found that it was not working from her CT scan results as the cancer had spread. She now had spots on her liver.

Mom, then began an immotherapy treatment. We knew Mom was in pain, but we really had no idea the extent … she continued to be brave and fight the battle and never complained.

We lost Mom to a couregous battle the morning of June 7, 2008. Our mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin … she did not get to enjoy her retirement due to this horrible disease.

She was a wonderful and fun loving person. We miss her smile and laughter everyday. A CURE NEEDS TO BE FOUND.

Paula, daughter


I was sitting at the table one day with my mother, Gwen, when I noticed a dark mole on the side of her neck.  I questioned her about it, and she made an appointment right away to see her primary physician.  The primary physician did a biopsy and then sent her to a dermatologist who did a deeper biopsy. Unfortunately, it came back melanoma.  We made many trips to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Mom was quite the trooper in all her travels and doctor appointments and always had a sense of peace through her whole experience!  I held my best friend’s hand the morning of June 6, 2008, and she also reached out for the Lords hand to take her home.  We will always love her and keep our wonderful memories close to our hearts!

Angie Miller, daughter

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