James (Jim) Clevenger

09/01/1946 — 11/30/2010

My husband was diagnosed in July of 2006 with Nodular Melanoma. It did not come from a mole, just appeared as a ugly, eraser sized tumor.

He had it removed, the doctor said it was nothing. 3 days later, it is something. It is life-threatening. IT IS NODULAR MELANOMA, the worst kind, on his scalp/neck area, the worst place to have it.

Jim decided against conventional treatment and he did alternative treatment and he did quite well until September of 2010. He was all about QUALITY OF LIFE, instead of QUANITY… the reason he chose alternative treatment.

He used many different things in treating himself. For 4 years and 2 months, he worked everyday, fished, loved his family and grandchildren, lived life to the best he could.

Mid-September, he started not feeling well. We were to find out that Melanoma had metasized to his intestines.

My husband was a true warrior. He chose his course of action, and never looked back. He never did regret his choice of treatment. He was the ULTIMATE OPTOMIST. He was my hero, the love of my life, my best-friend and soul-mate. He passed away 4 days before our 43rd anniversary.

I LOVE YOU JIM!  I am doing this walk in your memory and for all of the others who will faced with melanoma in the future.


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