Pierluigi (Pucchio) Cidonio

June 8, 1969 — January 23, 2007

My husband Pucchio was only 37 years young when he died. In 2002, he had a melanoma (Clarks Level III; Breslow 0.8) removed. Every three months for the next four years, he was tested. On May 22, 2006, his tests were still clear. One month and a few days later, on July 8th, melanoma returned to our lives and we were devastated. We fought a terrible battle against the disease but six months later the disease won.

Pucchio had a smile that enlightened everyday life with him. He was a wonderful father to our two children Benedetta and Francesco. Now, when they want him to kiss goodnight, he’s not here.

We laughed, skied, swam, and made love together. We were so happy. Now, it seems like a crazy joke that he’s not here anymore.

He was an excellent golfer and won 2nd Place at the Mid-Amateur Italian Golf Tour in May 2006 – just a few months before he died.

He was the love of my life and it is hard to continue living without him.

Please find a cure for this terrible monster – Melanoma. I’m afraid about genetics. I’m afraid for my two little ones who could have inherited the genes from their father.

Please, do find a cure and defeat this terrible cancer!

Claudia Cidonio


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