Judy Womack

12/15/1946 – 04/06/2004

My mother was the MOST amazing women…. She had the mole on her leg checked for 5 years by her primary care physician.  The physician continuously told her that it was nothing.  One day my nephew scratched it with his tonka truck and it started bleeding.  She had the mole removed the next day, however it was too late.  The cancer was already in her lymphnodes.  My mother went thru trial medication, however the cancer moved to her brain and she had surgery on her brain and radiation, then it moved to her spine.  After my mother passed away I would try to explain to people how she passed away and so MANY people would say she must have passed away with something else YOU CANNOT DIE FROM JUST SKIN CANCER……. Oh how wrong they are!!!!  I do not think the public is aware of how deadly melanoma is.


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