Keith Osburn

05/04/1954 — 04/02/2011

Keith is a very humble man. It takes alot for him to see a doctor. When I noticed a mole on his back in 2008, I felt like I was being a nag to get him to see his dermatologist.

The biopsy showed that it was melanoma, but it was Stage I, so no one seemed to worry about it. Well, December 2010 rolls around and Keith finds a lump at the base of his neck, hard as a rock and the size of a golf ball. After biopsies and CT, it was determined that the melanoma had come back. This time more aggressive and with vengance.

My sweet Keith fought this battle with every ounce of his being. His cancer journal was called the “Fight like a Girl” journal, cause we knew in our hearts that he was going to fight with every ounce of energy that he had. He was taken too soon, but I know that God wanted him for a reason (maybe cause Keith’s dad and sister were lonely).

You fought this disease with grace, humility, and utter love honey. I miss your dimples and your beautiful hazel eyes looking at me, giving me that grin. I will always love you my honey-bunny.

Denise, wife

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