#NaturalSkinRocks at AIM at Melanoma

This spring, AIM launched a social marketing campaign called #NaturalSkinRocks. The campaign was designed to inspire advice sharing from across the melanoma community on the importance of embracing your natural skin tone, using sunscreen, and understanding the dangers associated with tanning.

AIM at Melanoma believes that natural skin is healthy skin, that no one needs a tan to be attractive, and that all natural skin tones are beautiful.  The #NaturalSkinRocks campaign was designed to spread this message everywhere.

#NaturalSkinRocks kicked off during Melanoma Awareness Month on www.NaturalSkinRocks.org and on AIM’s social channels. Followers were asked to share how they rock their natural skin.  And share they did!  The melanoma community, which included children, sportscasters, and TV anchors, uploaded their photos and recorded videos onto the campaign’s website. They shared their personal stories, which included messages of love, loss, courage, and the importance of embracing your own true skin coloring.

The campaign moved into the month of June with a request for the community to share their melanoma scars and stories as part of embracing their natural skin and helping educate others on how to prevent those scars.  Followers again responded by sharing photos and stories.

The campaign will continue throughout the summer focusing on the importance of skin cancer prevention and early detection—to help ensure a healthy and safe summer for everyone.

If you could prevent one person from developing melanoma, would you?

Help us raise awareness and crush the media hype that tanned skin is beautiful.  Help us spread the message that if we all embrace our natural skin color, we will prevent melanoma: Approximately 90% of melanomas develop because of UV exposure.

Join the #NaturalSkinRocks conversation online, share your story and best advice by visiting www.NaturalSkinRocks.org and by using the #NaturalSkinRocks hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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