President’s Message – September 2018

For students and parents, September is filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement with the start of the school year.  It’s a bit of a re-birth each fall, a time when kids and teachers alike get to start over, start fresh.  I have twin grandchildren who just started 3rd grade, and while we’d all like to see summer last a little longer, their eagerness about the upcoming year is palpable and contagious.

There is something in the melanoma world that is giving me the same feeling of anticipation and excitement: In September, Merck will launch the first-ever clinical trial for resected high-risk Stage II melanoma.  (Read more in our article, below.)

Why is this exciting?  The possibility of reducing the risk of recurrence in high-risk Stage II patients is incredibly encouraging.  At this time, there is no treatment to reduce the risk for Stage II patients—even those with thick and ulcerated primary melanomas that may be likely to spread.  Those patients receive their worrisome diagnosis and prognosis and have no options to reduce their risk beyond monitoring.

I am more than ready to see the trial open, and of course more than ready to see the results in a few years.  It’s slow moving, yes, but it’s progress.  Advances like this in the melanoma world are why I come to work each day.

I hope you enjoy our September newsletter, as it’s filled with a variety of melanoma and AIM news.  Please don’t miss the announcement of our new AIM Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Michael Jacobs.  I cannot wait to work with him and our new Board.  I know we will accomplish so much for melanoma.

Which brings me to my last note: Many of you have contacted me and my colleagues at AIM to see how you can help us in the fight against this terrible disease.  We want your help!  Please look in our upcoming newsletters, on our website, and on our social media for exciting new ways you can partner with us.  Together we will accomplish our ONE GOAL: Find the cure.

Valerie Guild
Co-Founder & President
AIM at Melanoma

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