Treatment Options

After you receive a diagnosis of melanoma, your doctor will discuss a treatment plan for you based on a number of factors, including the stage of your disease, the type, the location, your age, and general health.

Treatments are available for all people with melanoma. Early stage melanoma can often be treated effectively with surgery alone, while more advanced melanomas may require surgery as well as additional treatments such as immunotherapy or targeted therapy.

There are also a variety of new treatments and new combinations being investigated in clinical trials, which are research studies to evaluate new therapies and improve cancer care.

Treatment By Stage

In this section, you will find information about approved treatments for each stage of melanoma as well as clinical trials for which you may be eligible.

Learn about treatment for your stage of melanoma


In this section, you will find the types of surgery procedures available, including their purposes, and side effects.

Learn more about surgery

FDA Approved Drugs

In this section, you will find the FDA-approved drugs for melanoma as well as suggestions for managing the side effects associated with these therapies.

Learn more about FDA-approved drugs

Investigational Drugs and Therapies

In this section, you will find different approaches to the management of melanoma that are still being tested, grouped by how the therapies work.

Learn about investigational drugs and therapies

Radiation Therapy

In this section, the use of radiation therapy in melanoma is discussed, with a special focus on the use of radiation in treating brain metastases.

Learn about radiation therapy

Clinical Trials

In this section, learn more about what clinical trials are and how they work, and look for trials that might be right for you.

Learn about clinical trials

Managing Side Effects

In this section, learn more about some of the most common side effects experienced while undergoing cancer treatment and recommendations for dealing with them.

Learn about managing side effects

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