Step Out Against Melanoma

Create Awareness

In 2020 it is estimated that 100,350 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with invasive melanoma. This number is entirely too high, and each year the number grows. We know that sun exposure is the main risk factor for melanoma. We know that regular use of sunscreen can significantly reduce the risk of developing melanoma. To raise awareness about the importance of using sunscreen every time you step outside, AIM is kicking off a year-long public education campaign called #StepOutAgainstMelanoma.

How You Can Get Involved: Share our content across your social media accounts to help us create awareness. Watch for Facebook profile frames, Twitter and Instagram photo contests, Facebook Live events, virtual meet-ups, and more! Share to your page, share in your stories, share in online groups. Use the #StepOutAgainstMelanoma in your posts!

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Take Action

We know that the more sunburns you have in your lifetime, the higher your risk of developing melanoma. Wearing sunscreen is one of the simplest ways to reduce your risk, yet we’ve all made excuses about not wearing it: It’s cloudy, I won’t be out that long, it’ll get all over my clothes, I’ll just sweat it off anyway…. We need to overcome these excuses—individually and collectively. To help all of us all take action, AIM will use an online petition platform to gather 100,350 signatures over the course of a year from people pledging to wear sunscreen every time they step outside.

How You Can Get Involved: Sign the pledge to wear sunscreen every time you step outside. Equally important: Ask others to take the pledge!

Take The Pledge!

Educate Others

Despite clear evidence that UV radiation is a major risk factor for melanoma, we are still not winning the education war: Each year the number of people diagnosed with melanoma increases. In fact, between 2009 and 2019 the number of new invasive melanoma cases diagnosed in the U.S. is estimated to have increased by over 40%. To help educate the general public, AIM will make available a variety of educational tools and resources that explain the risk of melanoma, the danger of UV rays, the benefits of sunscreen, and more.

How You Can Get Involved: Use our tools and resources to help us educate others. These will be items you can leave in your gym, post in your workplace break room, share with your school, distribute at events, and email to friends.  Working together, we can increase the number of people we reach. Working together, we can reduce the number of people diagnosed with melanoma.

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